An exciting mission opportunity in the Diocese of Newcastle

Mission Weekend Reflection – Bishop Mark Tanner

My main memory of the Bishops Mission in Durham was how much we laughed. The first evening was basically spent doing a pub-crawl around Hartlepool trying to find answers to a quiz the local vicar had set us. It was masses of fun and a great way to meet people.

Bishop Mark Tanner, the Bishop of Berwick in the Diocese of Newcastle

Bishop Mark Tanner, Bishop of Berwick

Then there was the men’s breakfast in another pub… this time there was less beer and more bacon, but the company was just as excellent.


The biggest laugh, though, was an outrageous evening of local entertainment arranged by Fr Paul, now the Vicar of Ponteland. We had everything from singing nuns to another quiz… and through it all was the chance to explain why our faith in Christ means so much to us.

I do find that most people are genuinely fascinated by who we are in the church, and love to come along to stuff. Mission can seem a bit scary but is actually about meeting real people who are really nice and genuinely interested. My hope for our ‘Pathways’ mission is that the diocese will resound with laughter as many new friendships are forged, and, in time, lots of people come to discover what we value so much in Christ.